Chobani v Skyr yogurt: Which is best?

I think it’s fair to say there are a lot of mixed messages shrouding the yogurt industry at the minute.

It turns out many “Greek-Style” yogurts are just once strained yogurt with a whole load of starches and additives included to make it thicker and none of the healthy bacteria it should have (hence the ‘style’ part of its name, i.e. it’s not really Greek yogurt at all).

And these are supposed to be the healthy yogurts (versus flavoured and sugary yogurts) us nutrition-conscious few are supposed to reach for.

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Get To Know Your Digestion-Friendly Breads at Barbakan

Try these healthy breads from around the world in this gorgeous Mancunian delicatessen. You’re sure to have not tried most of these breads – so don’t be scared and appreciate the variety of breads that are out there which are a) not from a packet, b) full of wholefood REAL ingredients c) made locally and d) made with shed-loads of love….

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Healthy Recipes: Scrumptious Overnight Chia Flaxseed Pot

Beat the bloat with this gorgeous overnight chia flaxseed pot.

Packed full of healthy fats to keep you satisfied throughout the morning and into lunch, and incorporates heavenly spices and lots of mixed fruits so you get all the taste of a decadent dessert in this healthy pot. Eat for breakfast or as a tasty snack!

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The Digestive Benefits of Oats

Like you ever needed an excuse to eat more porridge oats, it’s always worthwhile to know why exactly they’re the best thing going – especially for IBS sufferers.

Coupled with the fact they’re so filling, are low in fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, are packed full of wholegrains, require minimal effort, and are dirt cheap, they’re also really great for digestion and are unlikely to cause an IBS ‘flare-up’ which so many filling and nutritious foods can do.

Here’s the run-down of why oats are so great for your digestion – and why you should keep eating more of them!…

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Children’s Sweet Snacks: The Top 5 Best & Worst

Why is it so difficult to find healthy foods for children which aren’t laced with sugar, oils, fats and chemicals?

As they are targeted at children, of course they need to taste good, but natural foods taste just as amazing as artificial ones – but the problem is not many food companies who specialise in children’s snacks want to optimise on this. Instead, they’re looking for a cheaper, anti-real-food alternative.

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Top 5 Best Quinoa Products On The Market

Widely regarded as the ultimate superfood, quinoa has come leaps and bounds in the consumer world.

Why so super? Well it’s nutrient range is considerable – iron, B-vitamins, magnesium, potassium, calcium, Vitamin E and full of fibre and protein, not to mention it is naturally gluten-free so anyone with an intolerance or irritation when it comes to gluten can enjoy a great range of foods, complete with all the nutrients you need for a healthy diet.

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Healthy Recipes: Homemade McDonald’s Egg McMuffin!

Alright, so McDonald’s isn’t the greatest place to choose for breakfast if you suffer with IBS – but I know that some people really struggle to stop their cravings for an Egg McMuffin as it seems you can’t find them anywhere else! 

So instead, I thought to make my own, with more IBS-friendly ingredients – so I skipped the bacon for lean turkey ham, used whole egg whites rather than the yolk too, and used mozzarella rather than the processed stuff they use as it has much less fat and melts incredibly well on a freshly cooked egg.

Try it for yourself and see if you’re still craving a McDonald’s afterwards!

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