Monster Energy Zero Ultra Review

Two days ago, Monster Energy announced that they were to launch a new zero-sugar energy drink to their line-up.

This comes after mass pressure from the food industry changing their ways and opting for low-sugar varieties of almost all products in their ranges. These aren’t necessarily lowering the sales of the full-sugar varieties, but what marketers have found is that people are buying one full-sugar and one zero-sugar variety in order to somehow neutralise their bad habits and feel at least a little bit virtuous.

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8 Ways To Prevent Bloating & Have More Energy

When you’re living with IBS, it’s easy to become a little paranoid that any food is going to make you irrationally bloated. Not only that, but that the ‘food for fuel’ mentality is completely wasted on you because you’re so tired… and all the time.

Of course, not eating isn’t the answer, and it’s still vitally important that what you do eat is rich in nutrients and mostly unprocessed. This may feel quite limiting when it comes to the delicious foods in the world – pizza, chips & ice-cream – but it’s just about working out what suits you best & then putting it on your plate, no questions asked.

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Healthy Recipes: Gluten Free Cinnamon Raisin Loaf

I hate shop-bought cinnamon loaves.

They’re always packed full of chemicals, thickeners, sweeteners and of course – loads of gluten. This wrecks havoc with my IBS and I decided to (stupidly) give up cinnamon raisin loaves quite a while ago in response to this.

This was stupid – and I’ll tell you why…. my two hands are much better at making a superior loaf. One that is gluten-free, low in sugar and packed full of delicious homely spices that don’t translate in a shop-bought loaf.

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Why Counting Calories Breeds Poor Digestion

If you’re one of many who think that January is the month for fresh starts, clean diets and meticulous calorie counting then this might be the blog post for you.

That’s because I’m here to say that you don’t need to calorie count anymore. Put down the calculator, be not afraid of the red ‘traffic light’ symbol on your favourite food. Calories are OKAY.

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