Low FODMAP Sandwich Ideas

It’s not often I do a post about sandwiches but hear me out – sometimes when you’ve got IBS even the simplest of tasks can be a bloody milestone.

Think about a sandwich – there are so many components to it that make it the best on-the-go lunch ever. You’ve got the bread, the sauce, the meat, the salad, and the add-ons like cheese or pickle. That’s a lot of decisions that can make a HUGE difference for an IBS sufferer.

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Healthy Recipes: Low-Sugar, Low-Butter Cinnamon Rolls

You’ll never find a healthier cinnamon roll recipe than this.

That’s a fact. Read on if you care about a party in your mouth + not piling on the pounds…

Basically, I’m in awe. I can’t believe this works – I really didn’t think it would because I’ve tried numerous times to make sinfully tasty food healthy and it’s ended up either part-baked looking, grainy, tasteless, and so on. But this one – oh my – best ever!

low sugar low butter cinnamon rolls recipe
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