Healthy Recipes: IBS Friendly Low-Sugar Banana Bread Recipe

I come across a lot of banana bread recipes on my quest for good, wholesome and healthy bakes and to be quite honest I’m always largely dissatisfied. They either include way too much sugar, a lot of butter, or don’t have enough texture in them in the final bake, making them just like a cake.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but when I make a sweet loaf I want it to be dense, easy to spread upon and, above all else, healthy enough for me to have several slices.

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How to support gut health (from an IBS sufferer)

Nothing is worse than an unhappy gut – bloating, digestive discomfort and lack of appetite are some of the worst consequences when you’re don’t treat your gut right.

Want to know the key to a healthy gut?

Unfortunately there isn’t one fool-proof way to tackle it, but by doing a range of things you’ll be able to restore your gut bacteria back to normal. Wahoo!
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