What’s the difference between soy milk & cow’s dairy milk?

Lactose intolerant? Converted to soy milk because you think it’s healthier? Not sure whether to fear dairy or not? Get all the answers you need about the differences between soy milk & dairy milk to see which type you should be choosing…

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What’s the difference: honey vs. raw honey vs. agave nectar?

As healthy recipes take the world by storm, more and more alternatives are popping up to replace Public Enemy No.1 – sugar. But what’s the difference between honey, raw honey & agave nectar? Is there a big nutritional difference? And how do each of these compare to regular table sugar? Take a look below & find out!

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What’s the Difference: Steel Cut vs Rolled vs Instant Oats?

Ever been following a recipe, only to stumble across ‘rolled oats’ or ‘steel cut oats’ and have no idea how they’re any different from the instant oats in your pantry? Why not just use those instead? Well it turns out there’s quite a big difference between rolled oats, steel cut oats and instant oats – take a look below to find out which you should be using in your baking!

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5 Wholesome Recipes For Your Waffle-Maker

Waffle-makers are a superb gadget – not only because they make amazing, hearty waffles (savoury & sweet), but they’re also super flexible in what they can make. I’m talking omelettes, brownies, falafel – you name it, whatever you can whip up into a batter can be made into a waffle – FACT.

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Take a look at my top 5 recipes that you can make with your waffle iron. Choose any which you know won’t cause you an IBS flare-up & you’re good to go! All recipes make 2 waffles 🙂

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Healthy Recipes: Gluten-Free Raspberry Coconut Fruit Scones

I’m normally pretty good when it comes to saying no to pastries & baked goods. To me, they always taste far too buttery and you get that weird dry flaky feeling in your mouth for hours afterwards (yes – I’m looking at you croissant/muffin/apple Danish).

But sometimes – just sometimes – a slight craving comes on that I just can’t fight… mainly because supermarkets are evil and have started promoting fresh smelling pastries right beside their entrances… which of course makes it really really difficult to refuse a trusty scone.

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