My Favourite Gluten-Free Treats This Week | February

So I may not follow a strict gluten-free diet (I eat regular wholemeal bread and the like) but I do try and eat less gluten than I used to, mainly because of how it makes me feel.

Lowering my gluten intake is a life choice; I feel it makes me less bloated and doesn’t give me the same gut inflammation as regular foods. That’s why finding a gluten-free alternative wherever possible is so important for people in a similar position to me.
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Healthier Butterkist Popcorn Recipe

I have a bit of a problem with popcorn. I’ll tell you why… it’s because it so doesn’t need to be unhealthy. All of these pre-popped bags of popcorn with layers of salt, sugar and butter on are unnecessarily unhealthy and annoy me a lot. And don’t get me started on the microwaveable stuff.

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