Why Bar Burrito is the healthiest Mexican in Manchester

A while ago, I ventured into my local Bar burrito and, upon talking to the current manager on shift, ended up behind the ‘production line’ (I’m still so annoyed I forgot to take any pictures from this – I felt like a pro!).

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Get To Know Your Digestion-Friendly Breads at Barbakan

Try these healthy breads from around the world in this gorgeous Mancunian delicatessen. You’re sure to have not tried most of these breads – so don’t be scared and appreciate the variety of breads that are out there which are a) not from a packet, b) full of wholefood REAL ingredients c) made locally and d) made with shed-loads of love….

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All Star Lanes Manchester review: All Star eats

As a child, I think bowling places were pretty much the worst place for food. On par with kids swimming pool centres, the food was also wayyy too greasy, everything fried and beige, and almost definitely out a packet. So as it goes, in adult age I actively avoided going to bowling places to even have a snack, let alone a full sit-down meal.

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Veggie Eats: The Best Places For A Good Salad In Manchester

Become that person – the one that orders a salad in a restaurant.

Commonly discarded as a flimsy decision – especially when there are so many choices on the menu of irresistible and delectable options which specifically aren’t healthy but taste so damned fine – make the best decision for your IBS and for your health in general by opting for a salad next time you go out to eat.

Take a look at my top 5 places to grab a great, hearty and wholesome salad in Manchester and never be disheartened with a restaurant’s salad offering again!
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Manchester’s Best Eateries For Sharers: Tapas & Deli Boards

One of the most noticeable attributes of an IBS sufferer is that they always seem to eat a lot. That’s because it’s advisable to eat little and often as your digestive system isn’t put into overdrive with big meals. Plus, you’re less likely to over-indulge by skipping meals, which is never recommended for any healthy diet.

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Manchester’s Best Cocktail Bars: Cocktails Suitable For IBS

Going for cocktail? It seems fairly harmless… it’s only a drink. But most cocktails, especially the popular ones, are full of sugary fruit juice and heaps of sugar.

These can prove incredibly problematic for IBS sufferers and those with a digestive ailment as sugar enters the bloodstream speedily with no fibrous content, disrupting the acid balances in your tummy and causing that horrendous bloating feeling after consumption.

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