About Me

profile pic 2So how much do you really want to know about me? 

My name’s Carly and I live in a lovely spot of Cheshire with my boyfriend and a pug dog.

IBS sufferer since 2012

I was diagnosed with IBS three years ago when I was 19. It took a while for doctor to decide that a) there was anything wrong with me and b) that it was IBS. We went through everything – low iron, weight loss, too much exercise… but I knew it was none of these and eventually he told me the news that, yep, I had IBS and there wasn’t any real cure to it – sorry.

Dealing with it

Of course it’s tough having a digestive problem – it makes meal times troublesome, but I realised that by doing my research and eating what was right for MY BODY that I could work in tune with my digestive problem, rather than fighting against it.

I try to eat mostly Paleo & in line with the Low FODMAP diet as much as I can. I find these to be the best for natural food groups which I can actually say ‘yes’ to. So my recipes and food facts will tend to sway more towards these tasty low FODMAP foods.

Starting the blog

So I started this blog firstly to provide a journal of what I was eating, how it was affecting me, etc. to which it then became a gentle support system, where other IBS sufferers came out of the woodwork and told me about their troubles.

IBS symptoms and trigger-foods vary from person-to-person and it’s for this reason I find it so interesting and why I am so intrigued to find out more. With this syndrome, you never stop learning, and I hope to share that with other people interested in my blog.

What you’ll find here

Beyond this, I’m a real gymaholic and provide nutrition, clean recipes, and healthy eating tips – 3 things I think most people with digestive problems will find go hand-in-hand with curbing their issues.

Anyway, I hope I can shine a light on IBS and provide apt nutritional advice for those who care for it. Like I said, I’m always looking to learn more and always aim to do one thing – and that’s LOOK AFTER MY WELLBEING.

The journey begins here… 🙂

Enjoy the blog!


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