5 Sweet but Super Healthy Waffle Recipes

With a waffle maker, you can make your favourite dish, with no boring oven waiting times. Alter the batter to suit your own specific tastes, throw in any bits and bobs in your kitchen for a healthy, wholesome brekkie. All recipes make two waffles 😉

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How To Make Alternative Milks (Almond, Cashew & Oat)

Making your own alternative milk is surprisingly simple and, best of all, it is much cheaper that store-bought alternatives.

When you do it yourself, you get to control how creamy your milk is going to be (reduce water for thicker milk), and what kind of flavours are added in; some nice additional options are vanilla extract, sea salt, and cinnamon.

Try these alternative milk recipes and see how much your digestion improves. Each recipes makes the equivalent of 2 per cent milk and around 5 cups per recipe. Keep in the fridge for extra freshness.


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Clean Eating Protein Flapjack Recipe – Only Four Ingredients!

This recipe came about after relentlessly searching for ‘healthy flapjack recipe’ and getting back seriously unhealthy flapjacks full of sugar (just no butter).

I’m a massive advocate for high protein, low sugar recipes which are full of wholesome ingredients and, if they’re fairly calorie-dense but full of wholefoods, I’m fine with it.

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5 Wholesome Recipes For Your Waffle-Maker

Waffle-makers are a superb gadget – not only because they make amazing, hearty waffles (savoury & sweet), but they’re also super flexible in what they can make. I’m talking omelettes, brownies, falafel – you name it, whatever you can whip up into a batter can be made into a waffle – FACT.

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Take a look at my top 5 recipes that you can make with your waffle iron. Choose any which you know won’t cause you an IBS flare-up & you’re good to go! All recipes make 2 waffles 🙂

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Healthy Recipes: Gluten-Free Raspberry Coconut Fruit Scones

I’m normally pretty good when it comes to saying no to pastries & baked goods. To me, they always taste far too buttery and you get that weird dry flaky feeling in your mouth for hours afterwards (yes – I’m looking at you croissant/muffin/apple Danish).

But sometimes – just sometimes – a slight craving comes on that I just can’t fight… mainly because supermarkets are evil and have started promoting fresh smelling pastries right beside their entrances… which of course makes it really really difficult to refuse a trusty scone.

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Healthy Recipes: IBS Friendly Low-Sugar Banana Bread Recipe

I come across a lot of banana bread recipes on my quest for good, wholesome and healthy bakes and to be quite honest I’m always largely dissatisfied. They either include way too much sugar, a lot of butter, or don’t have enough texture in them in the final bake, making them just like a cake.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but when I make a sweet loaf I want it to be dense, easy to spread upon and, above all else, healthy enough for me to have several slices.

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Healthy Recipes: Low-Sugar, Low-Butter Cinnamon Rolls

You’ll never find a healthier cinnamon roll recipe than this.

That’s a fact. Read on if you care about a party in your mouth + not piling on the pounds…

Basically, I’m in awe. I can’t believe this works – I really didn’t think it would because I’ve tried numerous times to make sinfully tasty food healthy and it’s ended up either part-baked looking, grainy, tasteless, and so on. But this one – oh my – best ever!

low sugar low butter cinnamon rolls recipe
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Healthy Recipes: Gluten Free Cinnamon Raisin Loaf

I hate shop-bought cinnamon loaves.

They’re always packed full of chemicals, thickeners, sweeteners and of course – loads of gluten. This wrecks havoc with my IBS and I decided to (stupidly) give up cinnamon raisin loaves quite a while ago in response to this.

This was stupid – and I’ll tell you why…. my two hands are much better at making a superior loaf. One that is gluten-free, low in sugar and packed full of delicious homely spices that don’t translate in a shop-bought loaf.

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