Digestive Health

Make it about the INGREDIENTS!

For me, knowing what goes IN to my food is paramount to coping with IBS.

Thinking about your body with the old ‘your body is a temple’ mantra actually is key here; your body reacts strongly to what goes in. Most regular people can ignore it, if it doesn’t ‘go down the right way’ it fixes itself pretty sharpish. Us IBS sufferers have to do something else. We have to THINK.

Be mindful of what goes IN and you’ll get to grips with what your body does and doesn’t like most.

Today I kicked a terrible mood by going to the Farmers Market and bought myself some lovely greens that were just picked that day.0c6dcdb72b6485650dec8223e6a0068b

I always try and go organic with these, but sometimes if my bank balance or schedule doesn’t allow it, going for the next best thing is always a good effort.

My favourite find?

These gorgeous Brussels Sprouts.

b1c07924ebdd11aaf1a98aa5959650f9So hearty and filling, they’ll look great in a broth tomorrow afternoon. These settle great in my stomach when I’m having a really bad day with my digestive tract because of the lovely amounts of Folic Acid these are brimming with. Folic Acid is one of the best things for creating new red blood cells and maintaining the dietary fibre you need to stop your tummy from ticking over.

Find some of the best veg this side of the Equator on The Good Shed website


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