Digestive Health

So, Graze Foods got in touch with us… :)

PLEASE NOTE: Since the publishing of this post, Graze have been in touch and have let me know some very important facts!


The lovely people at Graze are unable to cater boxes specifically to IBS sufferers! (SAD FACE!) because, as we all know, the condition affects us all differently and pinning ‘one size fits all’ to a box is a seemingly impossible task! What I have tried to do with this post, however, is provide the OPTIONS a Graze box has in store – and then you can cater your needs around this accordingly 🙂

Some more points to make are here: I mentioned in the Black Forest pudding summary (our winner – hooray!) that “The raising agents included in this make it a gluten-free dessert and, with gluten being a typical source of bloating, is a nice satiating bread-like alternative for people suffering with the constipation side of IBS”. Graze got back to me and let me know that, whilst they love to cater to all their consumers, all the snacks are prepared in the same kitchen and so no product can be lawfully deemed ‘gluten-free’ (this might be something to take into account if you particularly suffer with wheat as a ‘trigger food’).

For more information about what goes on with the foods at Graze, you can take a look here for all you need to know.

As an aside, I’m looking to talk more about Graze snack boxes and how IBS sufferers can adapt their choices in line with their condition in future posts…. Next time – DIPS & DIPPERS! YUM!

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