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How do celebrities cope with IBS?

In a world that doesn’t know much about IBS, I personally find it quite endearing when celebrities not only come out into the open with their problems with IBS, but also their healing methods. I enjoy that people are hearing about it through a louder mouthpiece than just your average Joe – it means people might actually sit up and take note for once.

Only a handful have come out to say they do suffer with it though and, whilst IBS affects around 10-20% of the population, there are likely more which haven’t spoken out.

Not only this but this figure is expected to raise 4% within the next decade, thanks to over-processed foods saturating our supermarkets.

However, those that do have something to say should be listened to in the same way public figures are acknowledged for their other doings.

As IBS is twice as common in women, here are some of the most high profile female celebs in the biz who suffer from IBS and want you to know about it!

Tyra Banks

This former top model, television producer and talkshow host has spoken out about her IBS-D problems, with gas being the main issue she has to deal with on a daily basis.

Rachel Riley

This Countdown host and Strictly star has spoken out (very briefly) about her troubles with IBS and how it has affected her diet.

It appears Riley has taken the ‘cut down’ method which, whilst I don’t recommend, seems to work for her. By this I mean she has cut out all wheat, gluten, dairy and egg products because she’s ‘intolerant to everything’.

Rachel’s dietician had advised her to cut out most foods, which would feel bland and tasteless at first, and then progressively introduce different foods to allow the body to adjust. This, the dietician told Rachel, would then signal to the body which foods were most problematic. She told Daily Express last year that she now lives of a raw diet of sushi and veg, mostly.

Camille Grammer

Camille, Kelsey Grammer’s ex-wife and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, was diagnosed with IBS-D in 1996. Since then she has spoken out a lot about her condition and hopes that others will find support and seek available medication through her raising awareness.

Zoe Salmon

The blonde ex-Blue Peter presenter has spoken openly about her issues, which she claims ‘come and go every 6 months’, to which the abdominal cramping is sometimes so bad she’s doubled over in pain.

Bloating is a daily occurrence for Zoe and, by cutting out sugar from her diet, she hopes to curb her uncomfortable gas. Other diet changes her consultant recommended were to reduce her wheat consumption and other difficult to digest foods, such as fried and processed foods and alcohol.

Now, she says she feels 100% better, with lots of fish, chicken and veg the main food groups in her diet.

Cybill Shepherd

This award-winning actress said she’s struggled with IBS for many years and, after several misdiagnoses and poor advice (she was told to try fibre supplements and laxatives by her doctors), is on the road to recovery.

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  1. Hi Carly
    Please be aware that the article for Rachel Riley is incorrect – she was advised by a nutritionist and not a dietitian – this is important as Dietitian is a protected title. Please could you change your blog to say nutritionist? Also the tests she has had done are not accurate and are not advised by doctors so it is little wonder she has been told she is intolerant to ‘everything’. This is unlikely to be true. It is really great you are blogging about IBS – see here http://www.theibsnetwork.org/the-self-care-plan/ for some really great accurate advice!



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