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The tastiest Stevia chocolate bars you HAVE to try

If you’re unaware, I’m all for good-for-you protein-packed low-sugar snack bars which can be enjoyed pre- and post-gym. As far as I know – or knew – Quest bars from Quest Nutrition were the best out there for sugar-free indulgent treats.


However, once I’d tried all the flavours and eaten them all about ten different ways (warm, room-temp, frozen, with yoghurt, with ice-cream, with berries, etc.) I decided it was time to see what else was out there.

That’s when I found Torras Stevia-enhanced chocolate bars and spreads. I tried a great selection of them and all of them taste just like bad-for-you alternatives which you probably thought you couldn’t live without.

A healthy alternative to Nutella: the Stevia Cream is made of sweeteners (Ferrero’s Nutella uses sugar as the main ingredient), non-hydrogenated vegetable fat (Nutella uses hydrogenated palm oil) and defatted cocoa powder (Nutella uses full fat cocoa powder).

This Stevia Cream is also an amazing 100 calories less than Nutella, a third less saturated fat and, thanks to those lovely sweeteners, has only 3g sugar per/ 100g. Nutella? A whopping 57g of sugar per/100g.

More satisfying than Cadbury’s Hazelnut bar: the Stevia chocolate bar with whole hazelnuts is incredible… so thick, luscious, and gives such a great bite with the whole nuts. Sweeteners, rich cocoa butter and hazelnuts make up the basis of this healthier dark chocolate bar. Not only does this make a great tasting bar, but a better tasting bar than the leading chocolate producer, Cadbury’s. Milk, sugar, cocoa butter and plenty of vegetable fats make up these bars. The high density of sugar and fats mean you can eat and eat this and not feel satisfied until you feel sick. The Torras version is much less moreish and far more satisfying so you can savour each bite.

If hazelnuts in chocolate aren’t your thing, try Torras’ 72% dark chocolate bar which is just the same goodness without the hazelnuts. Better than a Bourneville.

So yes – these are the best chocolate bars I’ve tried yet. Super satisfying, practically sugar-free and better than all the market leaders like Quest Nutrition, Ferrero and Cadbury’s, you’ll never be left wanting with the selection from Torras.


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