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Naturally Sassy Red Velvet Bar| How Does it Taste?

It’s Top-Up Tuesday which means I have to get my greedy fix of snacks suitably organised around my desk at work. (Top-Up Tuesday is a general thing of mine as I normally stuff my face on Sundays, end up feeling guilt on Mondays and eating very little, and then start again on Tuesdays – not good, I know, but it always seems to happen).

So what kind of snacks am I feasting on this post-lunch hour? Today it’s Naturally Sassy Food’s Red Velvet bar.


As the name suggests, it really is super velvety and indulgent but, as the name might otherwise have you believe, there is NOTHING BAD IN IT.

Named after the decadent red-coloured chocolate cake IBS sufferers might typically get a cheeky slice of at the bakers, and then regret instantly due to its high-sugar, high-fat content, this Red Velvet bar isn’t like what you’d expect at all!

Packed full of healthy fats and yummy fruits, it’s gooey and plentiful and keeps hunger pangs at bay until tea-time. Full of cashews, coconut, pomegranate and beetroot powder, you’ll be blown away by the antioxidants and the amount of anti-inflammatory benefits in this little bar. Not to mention that they’re raw, vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free and… wait for it… SUGAR-FREE, then this is definitely a “no regret” way to snack.

You can also treat yourself to Naturally Sassy’s Blondies, Brownies and Flapjacks if you’re looking for more indulgence throughout the working week! This gorgeous trio are DEFINITELY on my to-eat list!

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