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Hnina Gourmet Chocolates Review

Those two words never look right next to one another – healthy… and indulgent. The dictionary even defines ‘indulgent’ as being anything but healthy….

“Indulgent: willing to allow someone to have or enjoy something even though it may not be proper, healthy, appropriate, etc.”

Just think about the everyday items you’d associate with these two words – oxymoronic to say the least….



Not the same. And I’m sure one makes your mouth water far more than the other (no guessing which one that is).

hnina gourmet healthy chocolate review

So when someone puts together two words which should never be paired, you’d immediately furrow your brow and tell that person (me) to do one, this is rubbish.

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But let me tell you – this isn’t rubbish. That’s because it’s chocolate, the highest quality chocolate you’ll find anywhere, and it’s impressive stuff.

Hnina Gourmet Chocolate Review

I think everyone will agree that chocolate truffles are one of the best food items on earth. Truffles do everything chocolate is supposed to, and more – they melt in the mouth with their syrupy core, smooth over the tongue in a languishing fashion and, because of their handy pop-in-the-mouth spheres, going back for more is never not an option.

And after searching for quite a while for something that reminded me of Lindt chocolate balls, but were healthy, I came across Hnina Gourmet Truffles. 100% thick, raw, organic, unprocessed dark chocolate makes up their truffles, with no GMOs or pesticides, no sugar, soy, or dairy, no palm oil or vegetable oil, and no HFCS keeping these choccies super healthy and, yes, super super indulgent.

The one thing I’d say about Hnina’s truffles is their aroma. It emanates from the packaging, screaming ‘Eat Me’, but in a friendly, calming voice that lets you know everything is okay, it’s good for you. I know people go crazy for 80% dark chocolate from their local supermarket, but this raw chocolate is the crème de la crème – you can smell, taste and see the quality. They’re honestly like no other chocolate I’ve ever had – and no other chocolate has ever made me feel so gratified for how delicious they are, as well as satisfied with how healthy, nutritious yet filling they were.

I recommend gunning for these when you crave anything chocolatey. It’s a like-for-like replacement, except these are an experience and a half, and because of their fine quality, you only need 1 or 2 to satisfy your need.

They say once you go black you never go back – and that’s exactly what I’m feeling here. 100% raw dark chocolate is the World Cup, 80% processed dark chocolate is Sunday League.



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