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VSL#3 Review | Healthy Bacteria

Bacteria can be good for you, and it is especially useful for IBS sufferers. It’s all about rebalancing the gut flora, and a lot of the time this doesn’t come from any typical food or drink, no matter how natural or organic.

That’s why polybiotics are needed for positively restoring the gut.

VSL3 (1)

The most common pathogens which enter the blood from the gut. What probiotics specifically target is the pathogens which are moving from the gut into the blood.

VSL#3 is one of the most potent polybiotics on the market, which provides the right type of bacteria for sensitive stomachs.

It might be potent, but users should aim for at least a month before seeing the benefits. Sachets are freeze-dried so they are only activated once in contact with the stomach lining. Now that’s efficient.

During this time, you can mix the sachet into a cold non-fizzy drinks, such as water and squash, or sprinkled onto cold food, such as yoghurt.

My personal favourite way to consume VSL#3 is in a healthy homemade smoothie. It’s nicest in fruit smoothies with lots of berries, such as strawberries and kiwis.

As it’s recommended that you take 1 or 2 sachets a day, it feels better to alternate how you consume it. So it might be a polybiotic smoothie for breakfast and a polybiotic drink before bed.


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