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Gusto Nero Review | Organic, Vegan Pasta

Why go organic?

While organic produce is commonly associated with fruits and vegetables, it’s still so important to source organic produce wherever you can; pretty much, wherever possible, the food that passes your lips should be pesticide, hormone and GMO-free.

And, as readers will know, I regularly tout the benefits of organic food, and organic pasta is no different.

What is organic pasta?

Organic pasta is pasta whose wheat is not altered in any way. What this means is: no chemicals, unnecessary fertilisers or growth hormones are included in the milling and production stages. There’s no manure or any nasties in the soil – all organic wheat needs to grow is pure, unadulterated soil. Nutrient-rich and delicious, organic wheat undoubtedly has a superior taste to non-organic varieties.

What is Gusto Nero?

Gusto Nero is 100 per cent pesticide and chemical-free black jasmine rice pasta. Due to the black jasmine, the dried pasta shapes are, naturally, black (and go slightly purple when cooked through).


But don’t be put off by the colour.

Because it is made without bulky wheat and corn, the black jasmine rice pasta goes down without any bloating. Aromatic and wholesome, this organic pasta can be mixed into any pasta dishes as you would with regular pasta.

I tried Gusto Nero’s macaroni in a mac ‘n’ cheese dish – which was delicious – and the fusilli in a pesto pasta meal – which was my personal favourite. I also highly recommend the linguine which feels much less sloppy than traditional pasta.

Check out their website if you’re eager to taste the benefits of organic pasta.


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