What You Need to Know About Organic Produce

Have you ever plucked an organic broccoli from the veg aisle, only to trade it in for a cheaper, non-organic alternative?

If you have done this, then you’re with the majority; many of us shop with money on our minds, eager to turn out a cheap trolley run.

But – and hear me out on this – have you ever wondered what price you’re truly paying for your cheap produce? What can an organic broccoli give you, which a 40p cheaper alternative cannot? The answer is simple: nutrition.

Take a look below at what it means for you, and your wellbeing, when you go organic.

Ice Cream Party

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Is frozen yoghurt healthier than ice-cream?

Yoghurt is certainly a food item with an established ‘health halo’.

Much like granola and wholegrains, there is something about yoghurt that makes consumers immediately assume it is good. Maybe it’s the natural whiteness (oh so pure) or the low lactose quality (great for IBS and digestive ailments) that has everybody dying to consume more and more yoghurt.

frozen yoghurt
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Is Kellogg’s Coco Pops Granola good for you?

Just when you thought Coco Pops couldn’t get any better, Kellogg’s release a super duper healthy wholegrain version of your kids favourite cereal, and all your prayers are immediately answered. Right?

Well, my apprehensions go up ten fold when I notice a typically unhealthy, but very popular, food item is suddenly ‘healthified’ over night. If it was going to be so much better for you than the original, the product would have gone through a significant rebrand, as the demographic would naturally be flipped on its head.
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Are These The Worst Convenience Foods To Buy?

Have we reached peak laziness?

When did it become so difficult to take something out of its packaging, chop it, wash it or, heaven forbid, butter it?!

According to research by the BBC, sales of pre-peeled potatoes went up 40% from 2010 to 2011 and is continuing to grow year on year, whilst diced onions were up 14% and prepared vegetables were up 17%!

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Are Special K Granola Bars Healthy?

If Special K’s protein shakes are anything to go by (Read here: Are Special K Granola Bars Healthy?) then I’m not too optimistic speculating whether Special K’s granola bars are healthy or not.

For decades, the term ‘granola’ has carried undertones of health and good wellbeing. This all started because Dr James Caleb Jackson, a health spa extraordinaire, invented ‘granula’ from nothing more than a graham flour which was crumbled and then baked until crisp. And ‘granular’ remained this way as a genuinely healthy cereal, all throughout his time during the late 19th century and throughout the 1900s.

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Are Protein Bars Good For You?

Nutrition bars/energy bars/sports bars/protein bars – whatever you call them, watch out for these deceptively high fat, high sugar snacks!

‘Protein’ is certainly the buzz-word of 2016. When you think of the word ‘protein’ what do you envision? Is it workout-crazy tigers & tigresses hitting the gym hard on Instagram? Is it ‘clean eating’ memes with just lean steak and vegetables for your daily inspo? Or is it big muscles, built by the beautiful protein we just all can’t seem to get enough of?

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What’s Healthier: Almond Butter or Peanut Butter?

With nuts commonly touted as the Next Best Health Food it’s easy to buy a tonne of them and devour them in their many forms – raw, in nut butters, incorporated into sweet & savoury dishes – but the underlying questions is: which nut butter is best for you? Or, more accurately, which nut butter has the best overall nutritional profile?

So for my analysis I looked at two of the most common nuts which are not only eaten raw as a tasty snack, but make up the most commonly eaten nut butter in the UK – almonds & peanuts.

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Monster Energy Zero Ultra Review

Two days ago, Monster Energy announced that they were to launch a new zero-sugar energy drink to their line-up.

This comes after mass pressure from the food industry changing their ways and opting for low-sugar varieties of almost all products in their ranges. These aren’t necessarily lowering the sales of the full-sugar varieties, but what marketers have found is that people are buying one full-sugar and one zero-sugar variety in order to somehow neutralise their bad habits and feel at least a little bit virtuous.

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Why Counting Calories Breeds Poor Digestion

If you’re one of many who think that January is the month for fresh starts, clean diets and meticulous calorie counting then this might be the blog post for you.

That’s because I’m here to say that you don’t need to calorie count anymore. Put down the calculator, be not afraid of the red ‘traffic light’ symbol on your favourite food. Calories are OKAY.

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