Healthy Recipes: Homemade Tahini-Free Houmous

Sauces, spreads, they’re an arch nemesis which you don’t think about until you had IBS.

Then you have it and start realising that, yep, that ketchup you slathered all over that healthy gluten-free sandwich actually is brimming with sugar, salt and loads of other nasties that cause MASSIVE flare-ups.

Love Sweet Chilli Sauce?

You probably did. But given it’s high-sugar and spice (chilli, duh!)


Go crazy for coleslaw? You probably don’t any more, given their raw veg content – which we all know as insoluble fibre is incredibly difficult to digest – and their high-fat mayonnaise – which your stomach evidently cannot handle.

So instead of living off dry meals for the rest of your life, why not try something that doubles up as a dip and a spread, perfect for just about any meal?


I’m also talking about making it yourself. Not just for its health benefits (you really don’t need all that oil), but also because it’s super quick and you can un-FODMAP the recipe so that the spread is just the way you like it.

Perfect, no?

Store-bought houmous is lathered in rapeseed oil, tahini (sesame seed paste which can sometimes cause large flare-ups), loads of salt and transfats, and way too many chickpeas (chickpeas, whilst are a great source of protein, are one of the legumes high in FODMAPs which can upset the stomach).

When you make the houmous yourself, don’t follow a recipe. It honestly goes much better when you throw in your favourite ingredients and keep adding until you get the right consistency in the food processor.

What are the alternatives to just chickpeas?

Try mixing in butternut squash – this beauty is just as filling and gives a lovely vibrant orange tinge to your dip.

Sweet potato hummus

Go green and blend in avocado – perfect for all your essential fatty acids which you might otherwise be lacking on a low FODMAP diet.avocado

Drench your houmous in sun-dried tomatoes – glorious for a flavoursome, meditteranean tasting spread which is great with meat or by itself. Gorgeous!sundried

Feeling adventurous? Try beetroot-infused houmous which provides loads of the stuff you need for a nutrient-rich meal, such as potassium, magnesium, iron, Vitamins A, B6 and C, folic acid, healthy carbs, protein, antioxidants and plenty of soluble fibre (the best part!).


Personally, my favourite is the Avocado mix as I can serve it up in a great big batch and nobody complains. And even if it doesn’t all get eaten, it freezes better than the rest and tastes just as good the second time around!


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