Healthy Food Swaps: Homemade Apple Crisps vs Potato Chips

Crisps are great (or ‘chips’ if you’re an American). Crunchy, smoky and flavoursome, they’re an excellent on-the-go choice and, despite being high in saturated fat, are always top of the list for most consumers looking for a quick, filling snack.

IBS sufferers might not enjoy them too much, though, given that they’re typically 25% sunflower oil, a troublesome ‘high fat’ food. So what else are we supposed to eat that will give us the same satisfaction?

Well, I struck the same angry thought the other day. I was hungover and desperately needed a crunchy snack that filled me up. In order for this to happen, I needed something that looked like a crisp, acted like a crisp… but was not a crisp.

Tough, no?

Easy, actually.

Two words. Apple crisps.

They sound weird, I know, but they’re FAAAABULOUS. They’re so easy too.


All you need is a couple of your favourite apples (I did mine with green Granny Smith apples because I wanted something super sweet, but I’m sure any works just fine) and a sprinkling of spices. And that’s it.


Just core and cut up the apple. Place on a sheet of parchment paper on a baking tray, sprinkle with yummy spices (I used Ginger, but Cinammon or a squeeze of lemon is always super tasty with apple) and pop in the oven on a low temp, around 160-170C for an hour or so, depending on how crispy you want them to be. apple2

And voila! When they’re done, you can pop them away in a tupperware pot and munch on them exactly as you would crisps without any of the sunflower oil and all of the satisfaction you need for a light snack! Just try and avoid swirling some ice-cream with them… the apple pie taste makes it very difficult to resist. Trust me!

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