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Healthy Snacks Review: Kent & Fraser’s Gluten-Free Biscuits

What’s your favourite snack? Is it sweet or is it savoury? Do you like it bold and mouthwatering, like a cheeky Haribo sweetie, or calm and moreish, like a cheese and cracker medley?

If you’re like me and you prefer the latter, I think I’ve found the solution to all IBS sufferers needs who, at one time in their lives, ate cheese and crackers on a daily basis and felt no uncomfortable tummy issues afterwards. The annoying thing about having IBS, though, is that it actively discourages any cheese and crackering to be had.

Most sufferers find that cheese and other dairy products are a real problem food for their bowels, as well as the gluten in the delicious crunchy crackers.

So what do we do?

Despite there being a plethora of gluten-free products on supermarket shelves, I always struggle to find nice gluten-free crackers which aren’t a) dry or b) flavourless. I then end up buying some rice cakes and feel all the more disappointed for what I’ve just done.

That’s why I am 100% IN LOVE with the Kent & Fraser range of delicious gluten-free savoury crackers. In their gorgeous line of artisan biscuits, cookies and shortbread, you’ll find the Sussex Farmer’s Biscuits and the Stilton and Walnut biscuits within this incredible range – and be sure to keep an eye out for them!

Choose your biscuits wisely!range_1

The Sussex Farmer’s Biscuits are made with artisan cheese and mustard and the Stilton and Walnut Biscuits are made with English Stilton, fresh herbs, and chopped up walnuts. They’re absolutely divine by themselves, really really flavourful, and taste great just with chutney dressing the top (my favourite chutney to go with them was Caramelised Onion chutney with the Stilton biscuit and a Plum chutney with the Sussex biscuit).

Of course, if you still want that lovely moreish combo of cheese, chutney and cracker, IBS sufferers needn’t worry as there are loads of creamy dairy/lactose-free cheese available on the market. Try Lactofree or Veggie Stuff online for a great range of delicious lactose-free cheese.range_8

But if sweet treats are more your thing, Kent & Fraser’s lemon shortbread is the bomb. Unlike other shortbreads which scrimp on whole, hearty ingredients, these delicacies are packed with flavour. BUT BE AWARE: they are so incredible you’ll just have to devour the entire box… I definitely recommend buying the twin pack to be on the safe side!

Whatever you do – eat up, eat right, and don’t fight the urge the eat what you like on an IBS diet!

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