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Reduce Your Saturated Fat Intake: Healthy Mexican Dishes

When my IBS is having a good week (I tend to have 3 bad weeks and 1 good week) I take full advantage of it and go all out with what I eat. I do, however, still make sure it’s high quality and healthy because my wellbeing has to come first.


So the world of restaurants and eateries finally opened up to me on my good week, to which I started off in Katsouri’s in Spinningfields, Manchester. Known amongst many as THE place to get a real New York deli-style sandwich, I ventured in and was given a wealth of options on the menu – far too many for me to cope with!

As I was looking to go for a healthier option, their impressive sausage was off my list, so I opted for their lean Mexican Chicken Ciabatta with a chilli sauce and lots of greens. Hot off the stove, it was absolutely incredible and made my little IBS tummy so happy (I couldn’t help but think about how poorly I would’ve digested it had my IBS been kicking up… which only made me savour it more).

This little taste of Mexicana got me thinking, and I suddenly wanted everything Mexican – purely because I could never have digested any of it before! So I tried a whole host of Mexican-inspired dishes. Give one of these a go if you’re looking for a healthy Mexican dish that will fill you up!

Firstly: Burritos

I’m not too crazy about the wraps you get in the supermarket. They always contain too much saturated fat for my liking and are far too limp, so instead I went for a wrap by the fabulous Flat Out company who specialise in low-calorie, low-carb delicious flatbreads.

I made my burrito with their Flat Out Healthy Wheat wrap and stuffed it full of lean chicken breast, spinach, quinoa (instead of rice) and pesto, and then lightly toasted it on the grill. The tomato wrap worked perfectly with the greens and with less than 1g of sugar per wrap I generously treated myself to two! 🙂

Secondly: Taco

I’m a loose lover of tacos. Sometimes they’re just too crunchy and I can’t hold them well enough to stop the contents from slopping everywhere. So instead I used the rest of my Flat Out products and toasted up one of their amazing Fold It products. I tried their 5 grain Flax Fold It for this particular mission, which has 43% fewer carbs than traditional bread and an incredible source of Omega 3.

To toast it I put it under the grill for 5 minutes so that the edges started to come up a little. When this was achieved, I popped it on the side for a few minutes so that the wrap could harden nicely. I then snapped the two sections apart and got ready to make my taco. For this one, I went all-out veggie and threw in avocado, sliced beef tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and warm slices of halloumi cheese. Tasty!

Finally: Quesadillas

Despite pizzas typically being associated with the Italians, I thought to throw together a slice of Europe with South America with this lovely Quesadillas dish. I used Flat Out’s Rosemary & Olive Oil Pizza Crust product and treated it just as you would a pizza, but instead I popped in some lamb which had been marinating in a spicy sauce, and added red onions, green peppers, jalapenos, and kidney beans. I then folded it over and baked it in the oven for around 10 minutes until it went golden brown.

This dish comes out smelling absolutely divine, and the rosemary works so well with the spicy lamb. Not for the faint-hearted though – those jalapenos pack an impressive punch!

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