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Fruit & Nut Chocolate Isn’t Healthy… Try These Raw Alternatives

I think I’ve become slightly obsessed with raw chocolate & superfood combos this week.

Not just because of their healthy status, and that my IBS lovessss digesting them, but because they also taste phenomenal and satisfy you with each mouthful.


You’ll notice though, that I’m not saying I’m into fruit & nut chocolate as a collective term. Most of these types of chocolate you’ll find on every street corner are just as bad for you as a plain piece of chocolate, except for the fact they have sugar-soaked raisins and nuts dripping in vegetable fat.

Doesn’t sound too healthy now, does it? Most people seem to be conned by this genteel addition though, which is just preposterous.

So, rather than being fooled by the ingredients in your typical chocolate bar, I greatly urge you to try something new with a raw choc & berry bar.


They’re really easy to come by on the web these days, especially as consumers begin to understand just how good it tastes and how good they are for you. I’m talking antioxidants galore and naturally occurring vitamins, as well as reduced sugar and butter, all in one of these delicious bars of chocolate you’ll find online.

Superfood snacking with Rawr Chocolate

My personal favourite super-berry & raw choc mix is Rawr Chocolate’s Goji Berry Chocolate Chunks. These chunks are packed full of goji berries, giving them a fine chew and the lovely thick raw chocolate gives the most satisfying bite. One big bag is just never enough!

Energy-boosting with Aduna

If you’re not in a chocolate-y mood but still want your superfood fix, why not try our Aduna’s Baobab bars.adunaIf you don’t know what Baobab is, it’s a great feel-good fruit which releases your energy slowly, stabilises your immune system, and provides a rich source of Vitamin C with each serving.

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