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Yu! Fruits Review: The Ideal School Snack

I remember as a child being hugely obsessed with these taffy-looking sticky fruit puree sticks which all the other kids wanted a piece of, but of course which I would never share as it was my favourite.


That was the sign of a good snack back in the day. A regulatory pat on the back to Mother for making your snacks desirable. After all, no-one was vying for a Marmite sandwich, or yearning for a piece of your pear.

But I liked these fruit sticks because they were at least more healthy than a candy bar, and didn’t give me unnecessary sugar rushes and plunges throughout my schooling day. So that’s why I was so pleased when Yu! sent me some of their tasty fruity treats.


They’re so yummy and in dainty packs so you (and your kids) don’t over-eat, I was sold – if not just a little nostalgic. Made with 100% fruit, these little snack packs retain all the fibre of fruit, as well as making them taste even more exciting with the ‘lightly yogurt coated’ versions which are just as mouth-watering.


Gluten intolerances aren’t as notable in children, but if your child, or yourself, seeks gluten-free healthy treats, Yu!’s Crispy Bites are made with gluten-free rice crispy to give the fruits an interesting and fibrous addition.

You’re unlikely to find anything like this anywhere else, which is why Yu! does an expert job for me… and even this time around as an adult, I’m just as unlikely to share 😉

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