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Manchester’s Best Eateries For Sharers: Tapas & Deli Boards

One of the most noticeable attributes of an IBS sufferer is that they always seem to eat a lot. That’s because it’s advisable to eat little and often as your digestive system isn’t put into overdrive with big meals. Plus, you’re less likely to over-indulge by skipping meals, which is never recommended for any healthy diet.


So keeping things small and simple is always best for IBS sufferers and it’s something I live by as an IBS sufferer myself. That’s why I’m always thankful for sharing platter options, tapas, pick-and-choose type meals when I go out to eat.

On my eating ventures around Manchester, I scoped out the best restaurants for sharing platters. Take a look at who were my top IBS choices…


Best for street-food style nibbles

Fairly new on the scene but definitely not doing so quietly, Thaikun specialises in street food served on a plate. Oriental food with a twist, this is one destination which isn’t swimming in oil but is home to hearty, wholesome Asian dishes.

For a pick-and-choose dish which tickles the taste buds with its AWESOME flavours, try their Sukumvit 38 Platter which comes with fish cakes, crispy chicken spring rolls, deep fried honey pork and crunchy wontons.


Your very own Mancunian mecca for tapas

At Dimitris, you’re told that picking at food is GOOD, and that’s the way it should be! Their tapas choices are extensive with every type of meat in every different form available for your tastebuds.

Get the best range of treats with their Lamb Chop tapas which comes chargrilled to perfection and can be served with any of their sides. I recommend having their lovely lamb chops with their homemade and very authentic Lahanosalata which combines cabbage, carrot, onions, pepper, tomatoes and vinegar dressing!


Best for picky eaters with big appetites

Love to pick and choose your eats, but desperately want to feel full? Evuna is the perfect place for you if slow and steady eating is your bag.

They offer a great lunch menu and a separate tapas menu, but their most desirable option is their tapas banquet. Equipped with its very own menu and enough to share between 4 people, you get a nibbler, tapas AND a main course. For a truly authentic tapas experience, try their Patatas and Bravas dish which is delicious and suitable for vegetarians.

Blue Pig

The best for delectable deli boards

For those of you that like to pig out (but don’t want to push their bowels beyond comprehension) then the Blue Pig is right up your street. Their burgers and fish dishes are some of the tastiest in Manchester, but where they really set themselves apart is their deli boards.

Changing the face of the boring cheeseboard, which you’ll normally find is just a piece of wood with dry cheese decorating it, Blue Pig ensure this isn’t the case when you visit them. They have a meat, veg and cheese board to choose from, all with irresistible trinkets to nibble on. Their cheeseboard is incredibly neat, with hard and crumble Cropwell Bishop cheese, as well as creamy English Brie, smoked Applewood chutney and buttery crackers to round it off.

The Oast House

The best for a designer Turkish bonanza

Easily one of the most popular places in Spinningfields, this eclectic restaurant, bar and lounge does a damned good deli board with all fresh ingredients.

On offer are ‘deli favourites’ including houmous and home-dried tomatoes, ‘meats and fish’ and ‘cheese’, but their very best for people that love to pick and choose at some of the good stuff is their Pomegranate and Minted Pearl dish. This comes with a traditional Turkish flatbread and is great to combine with some of their ‘properly seasoned chips’.

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