Veggie Eats: The Best Places For A Good Salad In Manchester

Become that person – the one that orders a salad in a restaurant.

Commonly discarded as a flimsy decision – especially when there are so many choices on the menu of irresistible and delectable options which specifically aren’t healthy but taste so damned fine – make the best decision for your IBS and for your health in general by opting for a salad next time you go out to eat.

Take a look at my top 5 places to grab a great, hearty and wholesome salad in Manchester and never be disheartened with a restaurant’s salad offering again!

Per Tutti

Sitting pretty opposite the prestigious Hilton Hotel in Deansgate, Per Tutti offers a delicious selection of stone-baked pizzas and big meat dishes, but if you’re looking for something lighter and carb-free, their salads are not to be passed up.

Amongst their selection are Chicken Caesar and Salmon & Crab, but their best offering has to be their summer-on-a-plate Feta & Melon Salad, which comes brimming with mint, peas and broad beans for a filling fibrous dish.


A beautiful Italian restaurant situated on Portland Street right by the Palace Theatre, Giorgio’s offers some of the finest pre-theatre Italian dining that Manchester has ever seen.

Despite having largely unpronounceable names (try ordering the Insalata Di Gamberetti E Gamberoni without a few strange glances), their salad offerings are plentiful and make up a fine main meal. Funnily enough, their best salad is the Insalata Di Gamberetti E Gamberoni which comes with jumbo king prawns, mixed green leaves and fresh herbs. (If you’re really struggling with the wording of this one, just call it the ‘prawn salad’ to the waiter like I did!)

Home Sweet Home

Notorious for their “big, big cakes” (a name they give their stonking cakes on the menu), Home Sweet Home in the Northern Quarter has become a hub for big dessert eaters.

Not to be overpopulated by those looking for a sugar fix, Home Sweet Home have a great range of yummy salads to select from their menu. Their Beet Salad is definitely their finest choice, with roasted beetroot, butter roasted hazelnuts, soft goats cheese, baby gem lettuce and mixed seeds making this a superfood lovers dream!

Fallow Café

Popular amongst the student population, the Fallow Café offers good food for a great price. They cater greatly for veggies, with some delectable vegetarian options including their Hummus & Med-Veg Bagel and their Falafel Burger.

But if it’s salad you’re looking for, you’ll find a great Greek Salad at this place. Mixed leaves, creamy feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, cucumber strips and warm red onion make this a plentiful salad choice, with extras like their marinated olives in a maple and wholegrain mustard dressing making this Greek Salad extra special. You can also add halloumi, chicken or falafel for just £1 extra.


Prominent usually amongst meat lovers, Trof in the Northern Quarter does excellent burgers and big sloppy ‘greasy spoon-esque’ dishes, but where they’ve recently started showing their stripes is with their superfood additions.

They may only offer 2 salads currently – and hopefully will expand this soon – but this hasn’t stopped me from classifying them as having one of the best, most filling salad in Manchester. Their Superfood Salad is what I’m talking about; it comes with broccoli, peas, quinoa, cucumber, spinach, rocket, yoghurt, aioli, fresh mint, parsley, tomato, pumpkin seeds, almonds and lemon. Yes – all of that. And for only £7 you can’t grumble, can you?!

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