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Pita Pit: A natural way to avoid Subway

Fed up of Subway? Looking for a non-chemical-laden fresh & natural deli-style store for your lunch? Pita Pit has the answers…

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If you live in Manchester, or any metropolitan city (I imagine they’re all the same), you’re surely not short of Subways.

They are literally EVERYWHERE. Annoyingly so. Annoying because somewhere along the line you feel annoyingly obligated to annoyingly shimmy inside, tempted in by the annoying aromas that circle each annoying store. But you don’t want a Subway. You never wanted a Subway. But you were at a loss at lunch… and hungry.

Thankfully I came across Pita Pit not long ago and was so pleased to finally find a Subway substitute that actually tasted decent and not just ho-hum.

When I went in, I was a little apprehensive as it had a similar set-up to Subway with the ‘build your own’ type of eatery, it also smelt instantly amazing. But that’s where the similarities began and ended.

Whereas Subway deeply affects my IBS – their bread isn’t real bread it’s full of chemicals like ‘dough conditioners’ to make the bread seem fresh and fluffy, and their meat isn’t real meat, rather it’s watered-down and full of bulking agents – Pita Pit made me feel satisfied, full but not bloated, and desperate to go again.

As the name suggests, rather than a sub roll you get the fillings in a pita bread (which is gorgeous toasted), the pita is super light and fluffy and you get a choice of either wholemeal or white (Subway’s offerings on the other hand all taste the same despite having different names, and all aren’t ‘fresh’ in the slightest – check out the facts here). You can also get real vegetables, loads of them in fact to choose from, interesting sides like pita chips (which are incredible – and of which they offer at the counter almost like aperitifs), and THE. BEST. sauces you will definitely never have tried before.


Portion sizes are outstanding and what’s more – they are a company that actually seems to care. Every worker in there seems like they genuinely enjoy their job, are each happy to provide all the nutritional information you require to make a smart decision, are super speedy even at their busiest times… and the finished product? Well, it’s just an absolute sensation.

I ordered the grilled chicken wholemeal pita with lettuce, onions and tomatoes with houmous and the Texas Grill sauce, all toasted. I took a photo of it and planned to take more, but by the time I’d decided the first photo looked rubbish I’d scoffed the whole thing! It really was just too tasty.

So if you’re thinking of going somewhere for a fresh, quick lunch in Manchester, London or Leeds – say you’re fed up of Subway for its lack of flavour, chemical-rich, IBS-unfriendly menu – then Pita Pit is the best place for you. Just make sure you get the large pita – don’t make the same mistake I made, you’ll be dying for more of its goodness as soon as it’s over!…

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