Digestive Health

The Digestive Benefits of Oats

Like you ever needed an excuse to eat more porridge oats, it’s always worthwhile to know why exactly they’re the best thing going – especially for IBS sufferers.

Coupled with the fact they’re so filling, are low in fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, are packed full of wholegrains, require minimal effort, and are dirt cheap, they’re also really great for digestion and are unlikely to cause an IBS ‘flare-up’ which so many filling and nutritious foods can do.

Here’s the run-down of why oats are so great for your digestion – and why you should keep eating more of them!…


No sharp insulin spikes

It has been proven that oatmeal and foods with oat bran deliver a lower rise in blood sugar compared to those who eat refined foods like bread and rice. Eating foods which don’t promote insulin spikes is especially great for IBS sufferers as you’re not left craving – and eventually eating – the sugar which creates those irritating ‘flare-ups’.

They fill you up without bloating

If you eat porridge oats first thing in the morning, it is likely to set you up for the rest of the day with a filling nutritious breakfast without feeling like you need sugar-rich foods to keep you powering through.

Wheat sufferers can even tolerate it

Oats, despite being a grain, only contain a small amount of gluten and can be well tolerated by celiac sufferers and those with other wheat intolerances. Ideally, a celiac sufferer is told to avoid all wheat, barley, rye and oat products, but thanks to recent studies, wheat-free oats products are actually more beneficial than detrimental.

One of the studies even found that the mucosal lining of the small bowel (the part which is damaged by wheat gluten) had healed upon consuming these types of oats and the immune system (which is excessively reactive in celiac disease) had returned to normal.


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