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A Healthier Alternative To Carbonated Drinks: Virtue Ice Tea Drinks

Soda sales have plummeted over recent years – and this has a lot to do not just with our attention to health and diet news in the media, but it’s the soda alternatives which are now seeing their sales soar.Lemon

The unhealthy alternatives like energy drinks and diet sodas are just as bad for you as full-fat soda but for some reason consumers seem to think that’s not the case at all. On the other hand, healthier alternatives have come to the fore with quite a lot of trend-setting coming about off the back of it.

You may have seen my earlier blog post about plant water trends but I’ve got to say, I’m not overtly convinced. After all, there is now apparently a new water trend going on – banana water (read more about it here). But I’m still yet to be convinced it really is at all comparable to a soda in terms of flavour and energy derived from it.

I did, however, recently try Virtue Drinks Ice Tea range and I must say this is just like drinking soda but with none of the unhealthy drawbacks. Naturally sweetened (so none of this horrible high fructose corn syrup you get in a can of Coke), a natural source of energy (tea extract is infused into the drink) and packed full of essential vitamins and minerals it’s like a health party in a can.

I highly recommend trying their Lemon Ice Tea drink which is just the right amount of sweet for me, and puts any cravings for a sugary soda completely at bay! Try your Virtue Drink today and taste the incredible alternative to a nasty sugary soda.

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