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Low FODMAP Sandwich Ideas

It’s not often I do a post about sandwiches but hear me out – sometimes when you’ve got IBS even the simplest of tasks can be a bloody milestone.

Think about a sandwich – there are so many components to it that make it the best on-the-go lunch ever. You’ve got the bread, the sauce, the meat, the salad, and the add-ons like cheese or pickle. That’s a lot of decisions that can make a HUGE difference for an IBS sufferer.


Low FODMAP Sandwich Ideas

Some of the parts are easy to chop and change the suit your gut – so salad you’d go for anti-inflammatory veg like lettuce, beetroot, tomato, etc. Easy.

The add-ons you’re likely to avoid are high sat-fat items like cheese and instead replace with lower fat, lower lactose cheeses like mozzarella.

Meats to avoid are cured meats, so pepperoni, parma ham, etc. as they’re full of salt and are just asking for bloating. Instead go for lean meats with low salt content like fresh turkey or rich omega-3 fish like salmon.

Avoid sauces with high sugar, oil or high salt content, so avoid ketchup, mayo, etc. and opt for a homemade hummus (check out my recipe here) or salsa instead.

Now probably the hardest part is the bread – and I say this is the hardest part because it’s so hard to find any bread which doesn’t incur severe bloating. Even most gluten-free breads can make IBS sufferers bloat because of their high-sugar content and added chemicals. However, I have to admit I think I’ve found the key – and that’s Kelkin’s Sourdough Bread.

Kelkin Sourdough Bread low fodmap sandwich

It is gluten-free but doesn’t have the same nasties as a typical gluten-free loaf and is made mostly with health rice flour and buckwheat flour. It’s also super high in fibre (great for IBS-C sufferers) and stays fresh for absolutely ages – double bonus!

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When you take it out of the pack you’ll find it feels a little harder than your average slice, but that just makes it even more perfect for toasting and tastes fantastic with a slick of butter. My first bite was magical – no word of a lie – and works so well with any low FODMAP sandwich fillings.

Below are some recommended low FODMAP sandwich fillingss I think work great with the Kelkin bread – they’re not ground-breaking, but they’ll help any IBS sufferer if in need of a quick lunch! đŸ™‚

#1 Grilled halloumi/Ham/Sliced tomatoes.

#2 Grilled chicken breast/Sliced beef tomato

#3 Turkey breast/Lettuce/Grated carrots

#4 Poached salmon/Cucumber/Hummus

#5 Sliced boiled egg/Spinach/Salsa


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