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Best Digestion-Friendly Protein Snacks

If you don’t have the time, want to try different flavours, or prefer a bar over a ball, I’d suggest trying these amazing protein energy snacks

Like anybody else who loves to snack, I love protein energy bars because they’re simply the best solution to settling sugary cravings, with no guilt. But that’s not to say all protein bars are good for you – a lot of them are packed with sugar, syrups, flavourings, etc. which don’t agree with IBS sufferers, so selecting the perfect energy bar for you is essential and some consideration should be taken before tucking in.


I’ve tried making my own healthy gluten-free raw banana energy balls in the past, and these were so tasty I couldn’t help but make a fresh batch every week. However, if you don’t have the time, want to try different flavours, or prefer a bar over a ball, I’d suggest trying these amazing protein energy snacks, which are perfect for IBS sufferers and health enthusiasts alike. J

Boost Balls (boostball.com)

These little balls are packed with real fruit and nuts and are naturally stuffed with over 20% of protein. Free from gluten, wheat, soy and refined sugars, these are ideal for a happy gut, not to mention the have a delicious dessert-like taste and gooey mouthfeel.

My favourite from their gorgeous bunch were the Coconut Fudge Cake balls which were deceptively creamy yet had the added texture from the desiccated coconut. Very very delicious – tastes just like a healthy Bounty bar in ball form!

Crobar (gathrfoods.com)

Cricket flour is all the rage in the protein world at the moment, and I’ve tried out some in the past (see here for my Exo Protein review), that’s why I was super hyped to try Gathrfoods latest offering, Crobar.

protein energy bars for ibs coffee vanilla crobar

Naturally high in protein from the cricket flour and with loads of flavours to choose from – from fruity berry bars to chocolatey cacao bars, there’s something to suit every craving. My favourite has to be the coffee, vanilla & cricket flour flavour as it gave me that incredible caffeine hit without drinking any coffee (see here why coffee is massively disruptive for IBS) and gave me the gooiness of a delicious dessert – winner!

Nookie Bars (nookiebar.com)

So – these look a bit messy and weird (especially the spirulina one), but I promise you they’re anything but. Although on first glance they look like they’ll melt everywhere, they actually keep their shape exactly the same as any other nut butter bar. My favourite was 100% the spirulina bar which is made with almond butter, spirulina and big fat chocolate chunks – just don’t be put off by the deep green colour as it’s actually the best tasting one! Light yet super chocolatey they’re a great solution for nut butter lovers on the move who need a quick high protein pick-up.

protein energy bars for ibs spirulina almond butter chocolate nookie bar.png

Free from refined sugars and syrups with no hydrogenated oils, these bars feel homemade and like they’re made with love, which thankfully is miles away from the mass production of companies like Mars & Nestle who try to sell ‘healthy protein bars’ which really aren’t healthy in the slightest. The Nookie Bars were my personal favourites of the bunch – so much so that when I finished my last one I may as well as have held a memorial service I mourned for that long.


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