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Trek Chunks Review | Are They Healthy?

First to jump aboard the gluten-free, high-protein, vegan train, their products have obviously done well with health food enthusiasts. But what are TREK Chunks like?

TREK: they love a fad. First to jump aboard the gluten-free, high-protein, vegan train, their products have obviously done well with health food enthusiasts.

It all started with TREK Energy Bars; basically an answer to Clif bars without all the syrup. Fruit concentrate and natural sugars from dates means per bar you’re packing away FOUR TEASPOONS of sugar in one bar.


But we’re not here to talk about the bars. We’re here to talk about TREK Chunks.

I think these were designed because being gluten-free, high-protein and vegan wasn’t enough, they realised that health enthusiasts are all about CONVENIENCE. With a bar there’s all that gnashing and tearing; Chunks make it possible to eat good and still look coooool.

Another health fad they realised they must tap into before their marketing skills lose power was COLD-PRESSING FRUITS. As you’ll have read on my blog before, there is not much difference between cold-pressed and fresh fruit.  Rather, it is another hipster fad we know nothing about (just like the natural v organic debate).

So, in light of this, what are the TREK Chunks really like?

They are EXACTLY THE SAME AS TREK BARS. Everything from the ingredients to the flavour options are the same. Take a look below…

These are the ingredients for the Chunks:

Ingredients: Dates (27%), Grape juice concentrate (16%), PEANUTS (13%), SOYA protein Crunchies (SOYA protein, tapioca starch, salt) (12%), PEANUT BUTTER (10%), Raisins (6%), SOYA Flour (6%), Cocoa (4%), Rich starch (3%), Gluten Free Oats (2%), Salt, A hint of natural flavourings.

These are the ingredients for the Bars:

Ingredients: Dates (33%), SOYA Protein Crunchies (SOYA Protein, Tapiocha Starch, Salt) (13%), Fruit Juice Concentrates (Apple, Grape, Pear) (12%), PEANUT BUTTER (11%), Raisins (11%), PEANUTS (9%), Gluten Free Oats (6%), SOYA Flour, Natural Flavourings, Rice Starch & Salt.

Nutritional content is practically identical – as you’d expect. There’s still four teaspoons of sugar (sorry, cold-pressing makes no difference to this) and not a lot of wholesome nutrients in there (raw peanuts are perhaps the only legitimate wholefood in there).

Soya protein crunchies help to maximise protein levels, but this isn’t necessarily a good thing… diet companies do this all the time with their bars, so that you feel instantly full, but only for an hour or so.

So, are TREK Chunks worth it? Nah – you’re better off making your own with raw ingredients, or trying one of these top protein bars for healthy digestion.

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