Introducing Mr Lee’s Healthy & Gluten-Free Instant Noodles

A while ago I mentioned how great gluten-free noodles are as a bloat-free alternative to stodgy pasta dishes & typically gluten-rich noodle meals. Some of my favourites were special bean-based noodles from Explore Asian, which taste amazing, but they’re not exactly a noodle meal you can take with you on the go.


Instant noodles have become a major hit with Generation X and Y seeking convenience over nourishment. Supernoodles, Pot Noodles, you know the types, are full of wheat flour, palm fat, salt and yummy maltodextrin (a powder-based starch used to thicken the food with empty calories). They lack severely in nutrients and they get gulped down like a drink, with not a thought for the 400-500 calories you’ve just consumed and the amount of bloat-inducing starch you’ve just slurped down into your gut.

For an IBS sufferer, instant noodles should be avoided at all costs for the reasons above and more. But thankfully, that doesn’t mean that ALL instant noodles are bad.

Nope, that’s why I’m so excited to share Mr Lee’s Noodles with you all. They’re gluten-free rice noodles (yep you heard that right), which come in handy pots that you can take with you to work, to a friend’s, wherever, and all you have to do is add hot water.

gluten free noodles

There are 6 flavours, ranging from mild chicken noodle flavour to spicy dragon fire mushroom flavour. Although out of all them, my favourite has to be the Shaolin Monk vegetable noodle soup, which is made up of flat rice noodles, broccoli, peppers, green beans and cauliflower. I think I preferred this one the best as I always have to add loads of veggies to my noodle dishes to give it that extra crunch and tastiness that most noodles don’t include, but because these are instant noodles, all the veggies come pre-prepared in the pack and are freeze-dried perfectly so none of their flavours (or nutrients) are lost.

With no MSGs or additives or artificial colours, these are far and away a massive triumph over those disgusting dusty Pot Noodles you’ll have become so used to as a child. Try these out if you’re craving a delicious snack that offers all the goodness of a fresh noodle dish with none of the fuss (or bloaty drawbacks!).



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