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Low FODMAP Milk Alternatives

Avoiding cow’s milk has never been easier, thanks to the range of alternative milks on our supermarket shelves. But did you know not all milk alternatives are Low FODMAP? In fact, some can be just as bad for your gut as cow’s milk.


Not sure which milks you should be avoiding? Take a look here and see which alternative milks you need for a Low FODMAP diet.

Low FODMAP milks

Almond milk

You will already know that almond milk has a lot of health benefits in comparison to cow’s milk, especially for IBS sufferers. Almond milk usually only makes up around 2% of the milk, so is considered Low FODMAP. Monash University (2015) advise only drinking up to 250ml (one cup) of almond milk as too much can make it High FODMAP.

Lactose-free milk

Foods high in lactose are naturally High FODMAP as the disaccharide sugars found in lactose can cause gut inflammation. You are safe to consume servings of 250ml (one cup) (Monash University App, 2015).

Hemp milk

Hemp milk is derived from hemp seeds being soaked and ground down. These are safe to consume in 250ml (one cup) servings (Monash University App, 2015).

Rice milk

Rice milk was previously considered High FODMAP, but with a new testing procedure, Monash University actually found that rice milk contains high levels of digestible oligosaccharides, which break down rich starch and don’t cause inflammation. However, high levels of rice milk can contain higher levels of undigestible oligosaccharides, so it is best to keep rice milk consumption down to 200ml maximum (Muir, 2016).

Milks to watch out for

Coconut milk

Coconut milk is Low FODMAP only in small servings (up to 125ml or ½ cup). UHT coconut milks should be avoided, and any that contain inulin (Monash University App, 2016).

Oat milk

Although oats are Low FODMAP, oat milk can only be consumed in low quantities (up to 30ml or 1/8 cups) (Monash University App, 2015). This is because the grinding process breaks down the slow-release carbohydrates.

Soy milk

Soy milk is a tricky one; whole soybean milk is High FODMAP, and is the most common in the USA and the UK (Monash University App, 2015); soy milk made from soy protein is Low FODMAP can be consumed in doses up to 250ml (one cup).

High FODMAP milks

Goat’s milk

If you are an IBS sufferer, you should be avoiding goat’s milk. It has high levels of lactose, and in turn contains a lot of indigestible disaccharides. Even in ½ cup servings, goat’s milk can cause gut inflammation.

Cow’s milk

As with goat’s milk, cow’s milk is filled to the brim with lactose, which can cause gut issues. Regardless of if your milk is full fat or skimmed, cow’s milk is High FODMAP and should be avoided (Monash University App, 2015).

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