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What’s the difference between cold-pressed and fresh juice?

Those of you looking to detox before summer comes around might want to know about this.

Many people seek a juice cleanse to keep themselves trim, without craving high calorie foods. Health gurus, celebrities and nutritionists all share a deep-seated love for green juice first thing in the morning; not only does it get the metabolism working, but it also packs in vital nutrients to get you up and out.

But did you know that all juices aren’t the same?


That’s because there is a key difference between the juices you find in the supermarket, and it all comes down to how they are processed.

How is the process different?

A ‘fresh’ juice – one where foods are chopped up in a blender – are naturally exposed to oxygen during blending, which can lead to the development of potentially harmful bacteria. The heat from the blades during blending can also damage the fruit’s nutrient composition, which isn’t a great attribute if you’re looking for the complete nutrient package. Another downside, of course, is that fresh juice goes out of date within a few days.

Which is why cold-pressing has come into effect. Cold-pressing does not expose the juice to oxygen as the fruit or veg is ground up and thousands of pounds of pressure is applied so every last drop of juice is extracted.

Which is healthier?

Although fresh juice is labelled ‘fresh’, this doesn’t necessarily mean it is better for you. Although this might seem counter-intuitive, juice really does need to retain all of its nutrients and freshly squeezing fruit and veg isn’t the way to do it.

Cold-pressing is a much slower, strenuous process which results in a juice that is more nutrient rich and, in preserving some of the pulp, you get a juice that is richer in both protein and fibre.

Is it worth buying cold-pressed juice?

Cold-pressed juices need more fruit than squeezed juices, plus they require more expensive equipment and are made in smaller batches, so cold-pressed types are typically more expensive. If you are doing a juice cleanse and want the best of the best, then go for cold-pressed. If you’re short on cash but want a healthy alternative to sugary drinks, then fresh juice is still a good option.

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