Here’s Why belVita Biscuits Shouldn’t Be Eaten for Breakfast

belVita breakfast biscuits are hoodwinking the public, I swear it.

The products label themselves as heart-healthy and wholesome, but how wholesome can a sugary breakfast bar really be? We’ve seen similar instances with Go Natural, whose breakfast bars main ingredients include palm oil and glucose. You needn’t be an expert to know these aren’t a healthy start to the day.

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And the same applies to belVita. How can it really be as wholesome as it sounds? Let’s look at the facts.


Think belVita Soft Bakes are healthy? Think again.

Their flagship Crunchy biscuits have on average 11g sugar per serving (that’s nearly THREE TEAPOONS OF SUGAR), 35g carbs and 230 calories, so you will feel temporarily full, for just an hour or so. The beauty of carbs.

The Soft Baked variety has a similar average of 11g sugar (THREE TEASPOONS OF SUGAR, AGAIN), 30g carbs and 200 calories. Although they do taste the most indulgent they are the healthiest, despite canola oil and sugar featuring highly in the ingredients list.

The Bites variety of course are designed for those who prefer to snack throughout the morning. And, as you will come to learn, with conveniences comes sacrifice, the sacrifice being your health.

Per serving, you’ll get 12g sugar (MORE SUGAR THAN THE REST), a whopping 36g carbs and 230 calories. Worst of all, saturated is upped to 8% of your RDA, this is because more canola oil is needed for the shape of the bites.

If it is a filling and healthy breakfast you need, belVita breakfast bars are not the answer – they’re not good for you.

Pack yourself a banana or a low-carb protein bar (the Primal Pantry and Pulsin are my favourite) on your way to work if convenience is the issue and then have plenty of healthy protein-rich snacks ready at the office, such as nuts or natural yogurt ready for you in the work fridge. Otherwise, find yourself a low sugar, high protein breakfast so that you stay full all morning long.

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