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Low Sugar, High Protein Breakfasts You Need to Try

Put away those awful breakfast biscuits and tuck into something that's convenient, protein-rich and low in sugar!

Don’t have time for brekkie, or simply want a small breakfast that you know will keep you full? I hear you.

While it is easy to feel uninspired if you have a long commute ahead of you and a rumbling tum to match, don’t despair, there are options. Put away those awful breakfast biscuits and tuck into something that’s convenient, protein-rich and low in sugar! Try out my three favourites.


Best Low Sugar, High Protein Breakfasts

Olly Bars

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 20.57.48

There are three different flavours: banana brunch, peanut choc chip and all day breakfast, and if I’m totally honest they are all my favourites. And I’ll tell you why… because they satisfy different cravings.

The best for breakfast is obviously ‘all day breakfast’. Oats, dates, nuts and cocoa butter make up this simply gorgeous snack bar, and will keep you full all morning. The ‘peanut choc chip’ bar is brill as a sweet but guilt-free dessert (and will satisfy a peanut-lover no end). The ‘banana brunch’ has to be my favourite. Subtly sweet, nourishing and filling, I like eating this when I’m on a long commute to keep my energy levels up, or as a substitute protein bar after an early workout.

Get Olly Bars over on their website.

Body Me bars


The three flavours – cacao mint, cacao orange and chia vanilla – are sensational. They each keep you full for ages and have the gooey texture of a homemade brownie. Amazing work as well from the Body Me guys as these bars are organic and suitable for vegans.

My personal favourite? Chia vanilla. I think this is simply because I don’t usually eat chocolatey foods first thing in the morning. The chia vanilla kind of reminded me of a fresh bowl of porridge, where the creaminess just sits on the top.

Get your Body Me bars online.

Quest Nutrition bars


I never used to care much for protein bars as the vast majority are packed with chemicals, sugar, oils and not enough nutrients (besides protein, of course). That’s why I think, if you work out, you NEED to try a Quest bar.

Far far far superior to other protein bars, Quest bars use only wholefoods in their bars. Don’t be put off by their very Americanised packaging as they are actually quite good for you; protein blends are mixed with natural flavours and sweeteners for a nutrient-rich bar. The Banana Nut Muffin flavour is my favourite for breakfast, followed closely by the very moreish Cookies & Cream.

Take a look at their plethora of flavours here.

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