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Buscopan Tablets |How Do They Work and Should I Try Them?

All IBS sufferers have been there. After indulging in a lovely meal, the inevitable stomach cramps occur to remind you that eating nice food is not your forte.

Instead, you’re forced to eat plain, uninspiring foods which you know won’t throw your gut into overdrive (or, if it gets really bad, skipping meals altogether).

Sound familiar? We thought so.

That’s why you need Buscopan.

Buscopan is a tablet which relaxes the lining of the gut walls during abdominal spasms (you’ll experience something similar during heavy periods).

As with other tablets, Buscopan mitigates the tightness and discomfort during these bouts of IBS struggle.

When I tried Buscopan, I was sceptical as tablets often do not work for me (sometimes I swear they’re just sugar), but this was different.

I trialled my first few when I felt minor discomfort. After less than half an hour, my symptoms had lessened and I felt much more positive about the future of using these tablets.

The next time I trialled it was during more extreme circumstances. The change during this one (whether this was due to me being on it for a while, I’m not sure) were immediate. The symptoms subsided hugely and stopped my stomach cramps completely. A huge thumbs up from me!

Of course, IBS sufferers are all different and have their own special triggers. However, as this is a tablet which is specific to IBS, it is a good option if you’re hunting for a catch-all symptom alleviater.

Want more info on Buscopan? Take a look at their website here.

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