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Meet the UK Company Who Started The Gourmet Popcorn Revolution

Better than supermarket popcorn.

Gourmet popcorn is a thing. Growing in double figures year on year, this corn snack is certainly worth its salt (and sugar) and is now worth £152 million in the UK. 

So, why the sudden growth spurt? It seems simplicity is the answer.

Often using just three or four ingredients, gourmet popcorn promises plenty of wholegrains, unrefined fibre, natural ingredients and hardly any fat. It’s also usually vegetarian and gluten free. Popcorn, it seems, is nature’s freshly popped nectar.

And while popular brands such as PROPERCORN and Joe & Seph’s have earned themselves a large chunk of headlines over the years, you might be surprised to hear that there is another UK-owned gourmet popcorn company who started the trend, way back in 2008.

LOVE Popcorn is their name and, boy, do they put love into their snacks.


Launched in 2008, LOVE make all their popped goodness by hand using only natural ingredients (no flavourings or enhancers are needed to make these taste great).

It is this lack of chemicals that the popcorn remains crisp, leaving no fragments at the bottom of the bag. What’s more, each bag is under 140 calories.


Flavours go from the basic (Salt and Pepper), to the interesting (Salty Sweet) and the downright unique (Fiery Salsa). Of all the flavours, however, the Cocoa Crisp is my favourite. Satisfying my sweet tooth just the right amount without making me crave more puddings, this popcorn is ideal for tackling the 3pm office slump. Plus, it’s made with only four ingredients and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans (making it a nice treat to hand round the office, too).

Can’t wait to get your hand on a bag (or three)? Head to their website and take your pick!

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