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Are Weetabix Protein good for you?

The metallic blue and flashes of ‘PROTEIN’ might capture your attention, but is Weetabix Protein all talk? Or are there real health benefits to be had from this award-winning cereal?

Let’s digest the facts.

How are Weetabix Protein and Weetabix Original different?

Protein content

Your natural instinct might be to assume that Weetabix Protein is higher in protein than Weetabix Original. That much is correct.

In total, there is an extra 3.1g of protein for every two biscuits. That’s the equivalent to about half an egg, ten almonds or two large bananas. A sizeable amount, I’m sure you’ll agree.

But wait. There’s more.

This product cannot actually be called ‘high protein’, according to the EU Commission.

Racking up 19g protein per 100g, it just misses the benchmark for what can be called ‘high protein’ (the EU Commission states anything >20g per 100g can be labelled as such).

That’s why, if you look really closely, you’ll notice the box only ever states ‘Protein’ in its base form, and not ‘High Protein Cereal’. A clever marketing trick; did you spot it?

Sugar content

Weetabix Protein has 0.2g more sugar than the Original version (1.7g vs 1.9g). You can see why this is by having a quick scan of the ingredients list, where sugar is higher in concentration.

However you slice it (or spoon it), a total of 1.9g per two biscuit serving isn’t bad for a cereal at all.

Fibre content

High-protein foods are good for us not only for their ‘repair’ mechanism in the body; they are typically also high in fibre, making them essential for a healthy microbiome.

Interestingly, the fibre content in Weetabix Protein is identical to its Original counterpart (3.8g per two biscuits). This is likely due to the majority of the fibre content coming not from the protein in this instance, but from the wholegrain wheat which constitutes 95% of the Original type.

Either way, both Weetabix products can be considered ‘high fibre’ as they contain 10g fibre per 100g (the benchmark for ‘high fibre’ claims are anything >6g per 100g).

So, is Weetabix Protein good for you?

Yes, I think it is. It’s certainly a lot more wholesome than other cereals on the market.

However, I also think Weetabix Original is just as good for you as Weetabix Protein.

Weetabix Original packed with fibre, low in sugar, low in calories, and provides a healthy dose of protein to keep you feeling full until lunchtime.

On top of the health aspects, there is also the cost element to think about (Weetabix Originals are around 50p cheaper than the Protein variety – the price of being deemed a ‘trendy’ health product).

So to wrap up, there is very little difference separating the two, except for protein and price. As always, it depends what you value most but, for me, I’ll be opting for the Original variety and loading with low sugar fruits and protein-rich nuts and seeds for my nutrient-dense, wholesome breakfast.

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