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5 Healthier Pancake Toppings To Try This Pancake Day

Shrove Tuesday is just around the corner, and while we’re all stuck inside without a hipster brunch bar to sate our appetite for the fluffy things, this year – 2021 – is the year where YOU make the best pancakes ever.

Now, I’m not going to advise on how to do pancakes the best they can be. That kind of guidance is better left to the pros. Although, you can find some neat ways to make pancakes fluffier (a la American-style) on another blog post I’ve written.

No, from me today you’re getting healthier pancake toppings. Not only will they make you feel better about indulging (because if it ain’t a full stack, it ain’t worth the hassle!), but they also help to cut through the starch, leaving you with minimal bloat.

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Ready to get stuck in? Grab a fork, and let’s do this.

1. Raw honey

This light, sweet topping elegantly breaks through the starch of the pancakes. Raw honey has greater nutritional value than regular honey or golden syrup.

You could arguably use lemon juice instead, but raw honey has a more satisfying viscosity which could see you add less sugar to your pancakes.

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2. Peanut butter and natural yogurt

Admittedly, this option contains quite a lot of starch. Which is exactly why I suggest a very thin layer of peanut butter between pancakes. You don’t need a whole lot to get the full nutty hit (ManiLife peanut butter is the best best BEST for pancakes.) This is a great alternative if you usually reach straight for the Nutella.

Natural yogurt is also in there as it helps to stop the peanut pancake sticking to the top of your mouth.

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3. Banana and grated dark chocolate

Bananas add a lovely moistness to the pancakes, while the grated dark chocolate (80% cocoa solids or more) disrupts the consistent creaminess with a flavonoid-filled cocoa hit.

4. Hazelnut butter

Yes, it’s more expensive that that trusty jar of Nutella, but the extra cost is worth it. Rather than heaping mounds of sugar and oil on your pancakes, hazelnut butter offers a protein-rich healthy fat alternative. FunkyNut’s hazelnut butter is the best I’ve ever tried.

5. Quark and blueberries

Everyone loves a blueberry pancake, but they’re often accompanied by lashings of maple syrup. A healthier alternative includes blueberries and a few dollops of Quark. If you’re not familiar with Quark, it’s a less acidic and less sour alternative to yogurt. When added to fluffy pancakes with blueberries, you get a dessert-y cheesecake-y taste and texture.

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