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Get To Know Your Digestion-Friendly Breads at Barbakan

Try these healthy breads from around the world in this gorgeous Mancunian delicatessen. You’re sure to have not tried most of these breads – so don’t be scared and appreciate the variety of breads

Try these healthy breads from around the world in this gorgeous Mancunian delicatessen. You’re sure to have not tried most of these breads – so don’t be scared and appreciate the variety of breads that are out there which are a) not from a packet, b) full of wholefood REAL ingredients c) made locally and d) made with shed-loads of love….


Polish Rye Bread

This is a traditional Polish bread made with rye flour, wheat flour and caraway seeds.

The digestive benefits of Rye bread? Rye lowers your insulin response and improves your blood glucose profile, meaning you’re less likely to snack on sugar-laden IBS ‘trigger foods’. Rye is also proven to regulate the genetic genes related to stress, which comes in handy when you’re dealing with the stressful bouts of IBS in your day-to-day life.
Ingredients in Barbakan’s Healthy Rye Bread: rye flour, rye meal, wheatflour, vegetable oil, water, yeast, salt and caraway seeds.

German Altenburg Bread

This gorgeous bread made with Bavarian Rye has no sugar or shortening, meaning it’s low in cholesterol and high in healthy goodness. It also makes ample use of unbromated flour, which is great for a healthy thyroid, regulating metabolism and maintaining an overall stable digestion.

Ingredients in Barbakan’s Healthy Altenburg Bread: rye, wheatflour, rye sour, rye malt, yeast and sea salt.

Polish Black Bread

Rye and wheat flours comprise this delicious sourdough bread (I’m not sure why it’s called ‘black’ but it doesn’t come out black!). One of their most high fibre breads, the Polish Black Bread staves off sugar cravings and keeps cholesterol within normal range. Delicious & wholesome – yum!
Ingredients in Barbakan’s Healthy Black Bread: rye meal, wheatflour, water, salt, yeast and bran.

German Six Seed Bread

If you abide by the Meditteranean Diet, the German Six Seed is ideal. Packed full of seeds with no sugar or shortening added it’s a bread that can be eating all by itself with just a slick of butter. With wheat, barley, rye, millet, oats and seeds, this is a bread full of soluble fibre – soluble fibre is great for IBS as the digestive system knows it can process it easily and doesn’t encourage muscle spasms in the gut.
Ingredients in Barbakan’s Healthy Six Seed Bread: wheat, barley, rye, millet, oats, corn, linseed and sesame seed, salt and yeast.

English Wholemeal Loaf

This is probably what you’re more used to seeing in the supermarkets – only this one is made with whole, real ingredients and none of those horrid starches or texturisers. Naturally light and fluffy without the use of any chemicals, this wholemeal loaf is made from stone ground wholemeal flour, yeast, water, salt… and nothing else. Just how bread should be – simplistic! The wholemeal flour is also unrefined and doesn’t go through the rigorous processing of shop-bought breads, so the bran and the germ nutrients are contained plentifully within the grain. This means your loaf will be absorbed more slowly during digestion, meaning glucose levels remain neutral and you’ll be feeling fuller for longer.
Ingredients in Barbakan’s Healthy Wholemeal Loaf: wholemeal flour, yeast, water and salt.

Try out Barakan’s Deli in Chorlton for a wholesome, nourishing bread selection – an IBS-friendly place to visit during your lunch hour! Check out their menu here for Ciabattas, Platters, Traditional Sandwiches & More!

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