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Best Healthy & Natural Peanut Butters – Ranked

I don’t mean to brag, but I am a peanut butter connoisseur.

I’ve tried pretty much every peanut butter I could get my hands on over the last few years, with the mission to find the best healthy, natural butter around.

On my quest, there were been bad times (thick scoops sticking unpleasantly to the roof of my mouth) and good times (utter euphoria from a perfectly creamy peanut butter porridge). But nonetheless, there was one aim in sight: to find a natural peanut butter which had a decadent texture, a delicious sweet and salty flavour profile, no nasty additives, and – the holy grail – ultimate spreadability.

So, which peanut butter got top marks?

Here’s the low-down on the best peanut butters you can find in your local supermarket and online.

10. Biona Organic


Okay, so Biona peanut butter boast their organic virtues and – while that’s great and all – they really have sacrificed that in favour of having a full flavour peanut butter with a creamy consistency. Dry, earthy and sooooo difficult to spread, this is definitely one of my least favourite butters.

MWBJournal ranking: 2/10

9. MyProtein


Two words: clag-gy. Tastes grainy and almost synthetic. While MyProtein peanut butter isn’t as thick or difficult to spread as Biona, it’s a pretty grim peanut-butter-on-toast experience all the same.

MWBJournal ranking: 4/10

8. Whole Earth


Okay, so I don’t HATE Whole Earth peanut butter, but I am greatly troubled by it. Everytime I tell people I love peanut butter, this is what they get me and, thus, my resentment, purely for lack of diversity, has built ever since. While the consistency does stay nice and creamy (there is no watery residue on the top, like with other butters), it’s still a bit ‘blah’ in the flavour stakes. Definitely needs honey or something to liven it up.

MWBJournal ranking: 5/10

7. HiPro


With fewer peanuts than standard varieties (77 per cent in the smooth), HiPro is a bit disappointing that this well-intentioned peanut butter doesn’t quite get blessed by the flavour gods. Everything about it is OKAY, but I can’t abide by stripping out around 20 per cent of the peanuts from the final product.

MWBJournal ranking: 5/10

6. Bell Plantation PB2


While naturalists give powdered peanut butters a particularly tough ride, I’m here for the viscosity. Where natural peanut butters become lumpy at the bottom of their jars, this, by way of being a powder and mixed with water separately, don’t. However, PB2 does struggle to remove the graininess from the final product, which brings it down the list somewhat.

MBJournal ranking: 6/10

5. Pip & Nut

pip and nut

Pip & Nut products have a nice nutty taste with just the right amount of salty savouriness that pairs perfectly with ripe bananas. For me, a deeper flavour would be preferred, maybe with a little longer roasting of the peanuts. Overall, a decent peanut butter.

MWBJournal ranking: 7/10

4. Hale Naturals PPB®

ppb powdered

By far the best powdered peanut butter on the market. So creamy and decadent tasting whilst being 70 per cent less fat than standard peanut butters. The only reason PPB gets the number 4 slot is because there are sweeteners in there (albeit natural), and I’m not a huge fan of sweeteners in foods.

MWBJournal ranking: 7/10

3. Peanut Butter and Co.

old fashioned

One of the more commercially available nut butters, Peanut Butter & Co. has a gorgeous sweet taste and comes in a variety of dessert-based flavours, such as pumpkin and cinnamon. An ideal choice if you’re trying to introduce yourself to peanut butter, or want something sweet on your toast. However, there are many varieties which come with heaps of sugar and other additives, which, whilst tasty, aren’t great for the waistline. Opt for the ‘old-fashioned’ varieties to make sure you’re getting a top quality nut butter.

MWBJournal ranking: 7/10

2. Funky Nut

Funky nut co

For me, Funky Nut butters are the perfect unity of thick, creamy textures and deep, moreish flavours. While they do fun flavours such as Mince Pie and Creme Egg, the standard unsalted peanut butter variety is the best in terms of nutrition (100 per cent peanuts!) and truly tastes just as good, if not better, than varieties with copious amounts of salt and sugar.

MWBJournal ranking: 9/10

1. Meridian


My sweet, sweet angel, Meridian beats all the other peanut butters for many reasons: it’s naturally sweet, there’s no palm oil, the crunchy bits are small enough to get a good bite, but not so big that it ruins the creamy consistency on the tongue, the texture doesn’t clag too much at the bottom of the jar (or, if you’re like me, at the bottom of the 1kg tubs), and it’s super easy to find in supermarkets and health stores. While they do various flavours, I think the very best if the Natural Crunchy with No Salt – because why would you tamper with perfection?

MWBJournal ranking: 10/10

What’s your favourite natural peanut butter? Do you agree with my choices? Let me know in the comments, below!

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