Love beetroots? You’ll love Love Beets

Alright, alright, I know. Beetroot isn’t for everyone (trust me, I’ve had numerous debates over this with colleagues).

Some people are weirded out by the strong purple colour, others are creeped by the mushiness of them, but most just dislike them because they’re, well, largely unfamiliar.

I, on the other hand, champion the unfamiliar in the world (just take a look at why Beetroot is so good for you here) – especially the unfamiliar which has so many health benefits.

love beets beetroot juice review

Beetroot has just so many great attributes to it, including reducing blood pressure, lowering glucose levels, increasing insulin sensitivity and improving muscle oxygenation.

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Beets are also particularly great for IBS sufferers as, due to its high fibre content, can prevent constipation and promote regular bowel movements.

Love Beets Beetroot Juice Review

Luckily I’ve found Love Beets; a healthy juice drink which comprises beetroot juice (YEY!), and a tiny amount of lemon juice concentrate (as a natural stabiliser). Deliciously naturally sweet and packed full of flavour, you’ll be drinking your nutrients throughout the day and feel great about it! Win-win!


If you’re interested in trying other flavours besides just purely beetroot juice, Love Beets have a medley of flavours including Cherry-Berry & Beet juice. You can also snack on your favourite beets bars from their protein-packed range, including flavours such as apple, blueberry and cherry. Great for after the gym or a helpful snack for your working day – try them out and live a happy life with IBS 🙂

If you’re interested in working beetroot into your own savoury recipes, try out this healthy quinoa beetroot burger recipe. So scrumptious!


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