Why Bar Burrito is the healthiest Mexican in Manchester

A while ago, I ventured into my local Bar burrito and, upon talking to the current manager on shift, ended up behind the ‘production line’ (I’m still so annoyed I forgot to take any pictures from this – I felt like a pro!).


As a health food & IBS blogger, I’m always eager to find food chains which offer quality food with health at its heart – and with chain eateries, this is predominantly difficult to find! (Yes, I’m talking about you, Subway).

So I was absolutely delighted to see exactly how great Bar Burrito truly is. When you hear the words ‘Mexican food’ you do tend to think lots of IBS-unfriendly products, like cheese, sour cream, greasy meats, etc. but this is Mexican done clean, and here’s why…

Bar Burrito Manchester Review

Pretty much EVERYTHING is made in-house (except for the wraps) from the healthiest bunch of ingredients. For instance, I usually avoid Mexican food because the salsa is either a) too spicy and irritates my IBS or b) is too sugary and salty and isn’t really comprised of what should be its main ingredient… tomatoes.

In Bar Burrito you’re provided with a great selection of salsas – from mild to medium to spicy, and the same goes for their beans – pinto or black, and their rice – brown or white. I was also overwhelmed by their homemade guacamole which is so rich in avocado (like how it should be) and isn’t sloppy like other Mexican chain restaurants unfortunately offer.

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Because you can create your own wrap/taco/salad bowl, you really do have free reign for what your body needs. On that day, I was having a bad IBS day, so when I got behind the line and made my own I made a tortilla stuffed with lean chicken, mild salsa, guacamole (obviously), lettuce, a small helping of black beans (not low FODMAP but legumes are okay for me), and chopped onions. Delicious!

Oh – and before I forget to mention my absolute favourite part… they don’t add anything to their veggies! Unlike Subway and other ‘fix your own’ eateries, the salad isn’t pumped full of colourings or thickeners to give it extra shelf life. No, Bar Burrito make sure they replenish their salad regularly throughout the day – so there is no need for all the nasty additives! Bonus!

Give Bar Burrito a go if you’re every knocking around a town or city centre and fancy a quick Mexican dish – it really is the cleanest and most IBS-friendly I’ve found to date 🙂


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